Tips to Reduce Airplane and Travel Anxiety

Tips to Reduce Airplane and Travel Anxiety

“You just need to get out more,” is not a solution to mental illness. That is not how our minds work. Unbalanced chemicals and similar issues will remain with you, no matter where you are. Yes, getting out there helps your mind reach new spaces, and for some, might even be the long-needed jolt, but that is by far, not the case for all.

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List of Warning Signs that You Might Be Falling Back Into Depression

List of Warning Signs that You Might Be Falling Back Into Depression

During an episode after another celebrity passing from suicide, the community of Mxiety On Twitch wanted to put together their symptoms (or red flags) that let them know something might be wrong. Here is that list, it is by no means conclusive but might be a good start for those who want to know what to look for in their loved ones who live with depression.

At the end of the day, please confer with your doctor and do not diagnose yourself based on this list alone.

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List of Things to Do When You're In a Depression Low

During a recent episode of Mxiety on Twitch, the community decided to come together and create a list of ideas of things that have helped them through tough depressive episode.

Please comment below with your additional suggestions!


  • Taking a walk 

  • Finding a job to do 

  • Yoga

  • Roller-skating

  • Fishing 

  • Playing with pets 

  • Cold Shower 

  • Going to a bookstore/library 

  • Gardening 

  • Baking 

  • Cleaning House 

  • Reorganizing/Moving Furniture (Marie Kondo Method) 

  • Hiking 

  • Volunteer 

  • Going for a swim (going to beach, snorkeling, surfing) 

Seated- Action 

  • Meditating 

  • Writing out feelings 

  • Listening to ASMR 

  • Consume something 

  • Find a place to volunteer 

  • Read Mental Health book or write in Mental Health work book 

Seated– Distraction 

  • Listening to music 

  • Playing Video Games 

  • Write fan fiction 

  • Watching cute animal videos 

  • Contacting a friend to talk about something else 

  • Twitch Streams/Youtube Videos 

  • Chatting with someone on Twitch or Discord 

  • Online Shopping 

  • Coloring 

  • Learn new things (language, etc) 

  • Watching funny videos 

  • Watching movie/TV show you have seen before and like 


  • Take a bath 

  • Put on comfy clothes 

  • Drink favorite coffee 

  • Chocolate 

  • Talking about how you feel with someone you trust 


Things to avoid when depressed 

  • Social Media 

  • Overeating 

  • Looking at Exs on Social Media 

  • Alcohol 

  • Large purchases 

  • Junk Food 

  • Politics/News