What You Should Look For
I have put together a list, based on personal experiences I am hoping can help
TakeThis.org and WebMD also have great articles on how to find a therapist


Insurance Websites

  • Find out what your health insurance is and check their site for a list of participating doctors

  • Find out if your work covers mental health therapy through your HR department

  • Some jobs cover the first 3 sessions with a therapist in the U.S.

Booking Sites

  • Use sites like ZocDoc to read reviews before you go

Ask around
Yes, you might be revealing something personal, but you also might bond with someone unexpectedly. Scary, yes? But when you consider this TEDTalk, where someone with depression describes how a woman confessed to him about having depression and keeping it a secret from her husband. The next day her husband came up to him and asked him to keep the same secret about himself.

Local Resources
Ask your local government (county, town) for a list of recommendations

If you are still a student, check your school's website to see if there is a department that offers free counseling

General Practice Doctor
As your regular doctor if they have someone they recommend


Know other sites? Internal Sites? Send the links to me!