Hello And Thanks For Coming!


Mxiety came to be after my mental health hit its lowest point in 2015. I swore that if I ever felt better, the only life worth living would be one dedicated to ensuring no one ever feels as alone and scared as I did in those moments.

I created mxiety and all its pieces as I came to terms with the fact that my mental health issues did not make me any less of anything: less of a person, less of a wife, less of a dog mom, less of a friend, or capable employee. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADD, but I am so much more than any of those things.

This site congregates the interviews, resources, research and writing that I create to defeat the stigma surrounding mental health. My goal is to bridge the gap between personal experiences and professional resources, with education.

I have a background in Research, Scientific Publishing & Project Management, which is how I am able to run two shows, write and interview folks all while keeping my 9-5 along without forgetting self-care and why I am committed to finding good information to share.

In this process #bethelight was born, the (not-so-novel) idea that when we are unwell, it helps to go out there and help others, to serve as an example of how we wish to be treated when we hit our low points.

To those trying to understand mental illness, I hope I can shed some light. To those suffering, I hope that my resources will make you more comfortable with the idea of reaching out to a professional, instead of being stubborn and insisting that you are fine. Especially if you are great with public appearances, but have spent the last two weeks privately crying. Because that was, and sometimes still is, something that I do. I want you to know where you can find good sources, where to call and who to tweet at if you feel like you might do something drastic or if you just need a friendly voice.

You are not alone.