Reach Out

When I say you're not alone, I don't mean it in a cheesy, I'm here with you kind of way. I have felt suicidal before. I understand where you are coming from, but I am also not a dumb-dumb. I am not physically there, nor am I a professional.

Most mental illnesses thrive in our minds by isolating us. Which is why the best way to punch back is reaching out. 
If you or someone you know isn't feeling well, reach out for help. More people than you think have felt this kind of pain before. That doesn't make it less scary, but it does mean there is somewhere out there who knows how to help. 

Check out this blog post about what happens when you call a suicide hotline and don't hesitate


National Suicide Hotline


Available 24 hours everyday

Having a Hard Time Talking?
Chat Instead

Or Text: 741741

Veterans Crisis Line

1-800-273-8255, press "1"

Confidential Veterans Chat

Or Text: 838255


Sucky Statistics


Americans die through suicide annually
On average, there are 121 suicides per day

Keep in mind, stigma surrounding suicide leads to under-reporting.



People visited a hospital for injuries due to self-harm in 2015

This means that there are nurses and doctors out there who have tended to someone in pain.


Suicides are attempted annually in the U.S.

This means, that each year, over 1 million people are saved from making a fatal mistake. That means 1 million people reached out and got the help they needed.

1 million people continue to live and do amazing things 


Sources: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Center for Disease Control; National Institute of Mental Health


Be the light on someone's dark path