Yami Kawaii - Sick Cute - What Is It and Does It Glamorize Suicide?

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We discussed many aspects of suicide glamorization on July 24th: from "13 Reasons Why" to general media representation and coverage of celebrity suicides. But the thing we wanted to discuss the most was Yami Kawaii - the Japanese counter-culture roughly translating to Death Cute.  I think the discussion was fascinating. Enjoy, let me know what you thought below, and don't forget to #bethelight



References/Notable Points:

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More than 100000 sites about suicide now appear on the world wide web. Many of these seem to condone suicide and forbid entry to anyone offering to dissuade users from taking their own lives, said the report’s author, Dr Susan Thompson, senior house officer in child psychiatry at the Ealing, Hammersmith, and Fulham NHS Trust.