What Self Care Is And What It Is Not - Mxiety on Twitch

Hello Sparks!

We spent this twitch episode focusing on self-care, learning what it truly is, which, who knew... is caring for oneself, and in doing so, your mental health. Truly, all research, every specialist will tell you that self-care is not buying stuff or even making time to "treat yo self" (although it can be) as much as it is, just taking care of your basic needs, not neglecting them when they arise. 

It doesn't have to be a bubble bath, or a mani/pedi, it just has to let you take time to do what your body is asking you to do at that moment.

We get into this bad thinking habits where we have to do X before we can do something for ourselves. Or that we have to take care of others before ourselves, or that we don't deserve to be taken care of at all. My argument was that true self-care starts with just not denying yourself the basics. Hungry? Eat something. Thirsty? Drink something. Have an idea? It's ok to write it down even if you haven't taken care of XYZ yet. Moreover, you will love whatever it is you are trying to do with this much passion all the more if don't do it by denying yourself something.

So take care of yourselves and don't forget to #bethelight



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