What is it Alzheimer’s Disease? - Mxiety on Twitch With @ThatGirl_Bryce

The US Center For Disease Control estimates that in 2014, as many as 5 million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s almost as though this illness has become synonymous with the threat of aging. Many of us know someone suffering and for this episode someone in the #bethelight community, ThatGirlBryce, offered to share her family’s story. Bryce and I discussed the pathology of the illness, but also the causes and details of day to day knowing a parent is deteriorating.

It was not a light episode, but it shed some light onto the subject and comforted many of those in the chat who were caregivers or lost someone in the past.

Please review the sources and see the video below and don’t forget to #bethelight



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