Twitch S2-The Technical Difficulties Episode

Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by!

This episode became a huge learning experience. I was ready to scrap everything and quit, or at least re-record. But we're not quitters here. I can't pretend to set a good example if I quit after episode two!

Long story short, I only have one video this week, due to some lost footage. It's 29 mins and jam-packed with heartfelt, yet self-aware conversation.

I had an amazing guest in Erin. Who is a long-time friend of mine and fellow corgi owner. She also suffers from anxiety.

She was super honest and open, which helped me open up as well. I hope you can relate and/or find our conversation helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments. Or you can contact me directly (also please subscribe, it really helps the channel)

To Summarize, In Order of Appearance in the Video:

  1. My apology for the technical issues
  2. We start the great pumpkin carving, Charlie Brown!
  3. We talk about what anxiety means to Erin
  4. We discuss the official symptoms, which I pulled from these sources: one, two, three
  5. Special photo to display my feelings on messing up
  6. We talk stigma. I share the story of how I admitted to having anxiety. Spoiler! it involves birthday candles...
  7. We finish the carving part
  8. We address the second internet cut out
  9. Finale: We talk about the meaning of friendships, and having people you trust around when you are having a tough time. Don't be a douche.
  10. You get some Flynn footage. He was especially fond of the pumpkins and Erin's pumpkin hands

Once again, thanks so much for those who watch us live and stuck around. And thanks to everyone else who continues to help and encourage those having a hard time.