Twitch S5 - Making a Vision Board and Talking Depression/Anxiety

Hey there,

This week we were lucky enough to have another guest! Trisha was so kind and generously shared her story of discovering mental illness in herself by identifying it as anger first. There was so much information in the hour and a half, that it was very hard to pair it down to 12 mins. I really recommend watching the full thing for this one.

As an incentive (as always) I can promise not one, but this time, two corgis through the episode. Flynn came into the office and thought he lost his toy, so we heard lots of monkey noises.

Here's a list of the juicy bits for this episode:

  • We start making a vision board
  • Trisha talks about having depression and not realizing it for a long time
  • We talk about people/parents being accepting to the concept of therapy
  • We recommend therapy to everyone, regardless of age, race, occupation and current phase of life
  • What's more socially acceptable, anger or sadness? (comment and let us know what you think!)
  • Using yoga as a coping mechanism  
  • In the long version, you can catch the Q+A portion, while in the short version, we use it to summarise thoughts and feelings on how people socially handle mental illness

The best part of it is that we touch upon all of this with a smile on our faces, not because mental illness doesn't suck, but because talking about it makes a world of a difference.

The resources used this week were: Trisha's psychology degree and the Third Edition of "DSM-V in Action", written by Sophia F. Dziegielewski.

We also got to answer some questions live this time. Another great reason to tune in Thurs and Sat, we can chat together. Hope to see you this Thursday live on twitch, til then #bethelight