Twitch S4 - Describing Depression Symptoms and Making a Pinboard

Hey guys!

Welcome back!

Episode 4 was really cool, because I had more people join me in the Twitch Stream than ever before. Lots of chatting means we talked about other things outside of the original plan. And that's perfect! It means we are getting closer to the goal of getting people talking about mental health. I'll take these small wins any day.

Be sure to check out the full episode for the chat and the short episode for it's (what else) nice summary of the important topics. Which were:

  • Depression symptoms
  • Admitting to having depression
  • Handling family as they did not understand how to help
  • How depression developed into an eating disorder (indeed, an audience member had a similar experience)

Then, ta-da! I finished the pinboard. By the way, here's a link to the tutorial I followed very loosely.

Watch the videos below [short and long] so you don't miss a thing and tune in on Sunday when I get another guest, who graciously agreed to share her story.

'Til then, #bethelight