Twitch S9 Men and Mental Health, Making Gratitude Pumpkins

Hey gang,

It is with immense gratitude that I am able to say that Episode 9 brought our little channel to Affiliate Level on Twitch. Here's a link with some info on the matter, but to summarise, I am now able to make an actual income using Twitch and doing this, trying to help those with Mental Illness by spreading research, sharing stories and making a little community. In Mxiety terms, Twitch is helping us all #bethelight

If you are a sensitive sucker just like me, you might want to skip the following cheeziness. This truly humbles me. This is all I ever wanted to do, but to know that there's indeed a need for it, well, that's...I am incredibly grateful to you all.

Last night, the conversation was flowing so well, we got a bit derailed from the research, but we brought it back around. We ended up with a long stream, but we celebrated, laughed and I said a lot of stupid things, so it was awesome.

The full video is 3 hours long, so no, I will not blame you if you opt for the short version this time. But it's chalk full of great information! We talked about how needing to be perceived as manly prevents males from receiving the help they need. Patrick opened up about his Generalized Anxiety Disorder how he keeps it under wraps to avoid stigma. We talked about the difference in suicide rate between men and women and how that changes in times of economic duress. 

Here Are the Sources I Consulted:

Craft Idea: Pinterest

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