Twitch S12 Seasonal Affective Disorder With Guest

Hey guys!

I was super lucky to have a new guest on for this episode. Indeed, it was our first dude! (that isn't married to me). We talked about something very relatable right now, SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I asked our guest, Bryan, lots of questions about how this form of Depression has affected him and he was generous enough to not hold back. He was also incredibly helpful to those who added questions during the chat.

If you want to connect with Ziggy (and you should), check out his About Me and follow him on your preferred social media. He does voiceovers and is a huge part of the Twitch community.

Because this episode was a call-in, instead of attempting to make edits while you watch me do nothing and listen to a disembodied voice, I trimmed the beginning for time and made a podcast version. Let me know if you prefer this format and I will start making more.

Since I am rather unfamiliar with SAD, even though it is a form of Depression, I did some research to get a good overview of the clinical side of it. Here's where I went for that:

Can’t wait to see you next episode,



Twitch S9 Men and Mental Health, Making Gratitude Pumpkins

Twitch S9 Men and  Mental Health, Making Gratitude Pumpkins

Last night, I became Twitch Affiliate! The conversation got a bit derailed from the research, but we brought it back around. We celebrated, laughed and I said a lot of stupid things, so it was awesome.

We talked about how needing to be perceived as manly prevents males from receiving the help they need. Patrick opened up about his Generalized Anxiety Disorder how he keeps it under wraps to avoid stigma. We talked about the difference in suicide rate between men and women and how that changes in times of economic duress. 

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