Is Video Game Addiction a Thing?

Is Video Game Addiction a Thing?

This week, I finally set out to answer the questions I have been itching to answer since the end of last year. What is Video Gaming Addiction? Substance Abuse? Is it real? How can we know if we don't look into what Addiction even means? What about the difference between Addiction and Dependance? And what the heck is a disorder?

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Twitch S12 Seasonal Affective Disorder With Guest

Hey guys!

I was super lucky to have a new guest on for this episode. Indeed, it was our first dude! (that isn't married to me). We talked about something very relatable right now, SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I asked our guest, Bryan, lots of questions about how this form of Depression has affected him and he was generous enough to not hold back. He was also incredibly helpful to those who added questions during the chat.

If you want to connect with Ziggy (and you should), check out his About Me and follow him on your preferred social media. He does voiceovers and is a huge part of the Twitch community.

Because this episode was a call-in, instead of attempting to make edits while you watch me do nothing and listen to a disembodied voice, I trimmed the beginning for time and made a podcast version. Let me know if you prefer this format and I will start making more.

Since I am rather unfamiliar with SAD, even though it is a form of Depression, I did some research to get a good overview of the clinical side of it. Here's where I went for that:

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Twitch S6 - Mental Illness Stigma and Making Rapunzel's Lanterns

Another Thursday, Another stream.

Except this one was different. I had a ton of people join and ask questions. After the 2 hours we spent together, I was certain that I set out to do something that was missing before.

I know...I know... 2 hours is a long time, but man, we talked about so much that it was hard to edit it down without the rest of the footage there for context. That's how the short video ended up being almost all facts. If you want to hear some numbers and hard statistics, then that is the cut for you.

As per what I found:
I compared the data in the US with a few European countries and confirmed that, yes, suicide rates do drop steeply in countries where mental illness isn't a taboo. Check these articles out if to see what else I found, if have some time.

Here's my list of sources: 
Mental Illness Stigma, Help Seeking, and Public Health Programs
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Collective levels of stigma and national suicide rates in 25 European countries

Keep talking, reading, and don't forget to #bethelight