Interviews With BeccPlays and Grant Ellis

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This week we had two guests with two sets incredible information as a result.

First. I am sure you’ve heard of Dungeon’s and Dragons, but can you fathom that someone could make a living out of creating incredible table top experiences? Moreover, he makes them with mental health awareness in mind, as a survivor of assault himself? Grant Ellis does just that. He shared his journey, and his resolution to make others smile in the world. He then responded to numerous questions about tabletop gaming, inclusivity and promoting a positive atmosphere for all players everywhere. He described his life mottoes and was an all around incredible guest.

You can learn more about him here:

Then on Thursday we saw Beccplays again! You may remember her from our episode on impostor syndrome. Well, she’s back and bravely chose to share about how she experienced experienced gaslighting with someone she believed to be a friend. It’s been over a year and she's finally ready to tell her story to help prepare others, explaining the signs, the warnings and how you can heal once the contact is ceased.

Go listen and then check out Becc on Twitter and Twitch

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