Special Guest ChelseaDaggerHD, Discussing Life with Mental Illness

Hi Folks,

I was lucky enough to have the lovely ChelseaDagger on the stream for Sunday morning. She's a gamer and a Twitch streamer. Just a regular lady with a practical obsession with corgis and tea. I think it's clear to see how we've become friends.

Chelsea describes what it's like having Mental Health issues in another culture (she's from the U.K). Including the stigma, handling the illness while working, being a great girlfriend and just generally trying to do your best, while using Twitch as a creative and mental outlet.

Please find some time to check out Chelsea and follow as she streams various video games with a wit and humor like no other. She's incredibly supportive, of the cause, the MH community and a proponent of getting help when you need it.

Check out her past broadcasts and live streams on Twitch and use Twitter to keep in touch and send her love.

See you guys soon!