Twitch S11 Social Media's Affects on Mental Health (pt1) and Painting Snowflakes

Hello There Readers,

Researching this topic was rather eye-opening. There was so much, that I decided it needed to be broken into two parts.

Caution: Trigger Suicide, trigger self-harm, trigger rape

During our live-stream on Twitch, we discussed how Social Media affects those with mental illnesses. I learned that there is a high rate of suicides that occur during live streams. I wanted to do my part to prevent these in the future, so I continued researching how various platforms handled the delicate matter.

Turns out: Facebook offers a resources page, Twitter permits live reporting so that they can try to reach the victim, and Instagram double-checks certain hashtag searches and offers help before loading the results. Because I have not seen this information or tutorials on how to report live self-harm as it is happening (and hopefully remedy the situation), I also edited together a video with JUST that information. 

I was saddened to find that news coverage about public self-harm is lacking, so I was hoping to provide some sort of support in the form of the tutorial video. If you ever see someone or even a social media post, about someone who is about to harm themselves or someone else, I hope you'll know how to report it.

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Please, if you see someone in pain, be sure to #bethelight