Having Mental Illness + Being a Minority, @CelesMeh Interview

Hello My Lovely Community!

Celeste is an incredible streamer and fellow mental health advocate. She very generously opened up about her story of learning to love and understand herself. She is a Puerto Rican immigrant who was raised Catholic. Only when she made it almost to the end of college was she able to come out of the closet as well as get a diagnosed with Panic Disorder, ADHD and Depressive episodes.

The chat discussion was very lively, with a lot of emphasis on how to properly help friends, especially when you love them and want the best for them. We then dove into medication and medication alternatives.

You can find CelesMeh on Twitter: @CelesMeh and on Twitch.tv/CelesMeh especially tune in for her self-care Saturdays! Also be sure to check out Cast Together, it's a wonderful community and is as that's how I met Celeste.


Twitter: @Mxiety
Email: Mxiety.marie@gmail.com

Edited Version: Worked to make a clean cut, with no adult language or chat. I know it's still a long edit, but it's hilarious and informative, and so worth your time. You can also press play and listen to it like a podcast...just sayin'.

This is the full interview, which includes all of the comments from the chat. Please start this video at 1m5s due to some sound issues.


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