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The episode on Mental Health Myths was fascinating. We were able to talk both about what specialists think on the topic as well as share our personal experiences. Three fellow TakeThis.Org Ambassadors discussed their experiences living with mental health issues, and debunking myths such as: Mental illness being a choice, or that people with mental illness are violent, or that you're either sick or you're not... and well…you can read the rest below.

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List of Myths:
Myth #1: Mental illnesses aren’t real illnesses.

Myth #2: Mental illnesses will never affect me / Mental illnesses are not common but destructive

Myth #3: Mental illnesses are just an excuse for poor behaviour.

Myth #4: Bad parenting causes mental illnesses.

Myth #5: People with mental illnesses are violent and dangerous.

Myth #6: People don’t recover from mental illnesses.

Myth #7: People who experience mental illnesses are weak and can’t handle stress.

Myth #8: People who experience mental illnesses are a burden/cant work.

Myth #9: Kids can’t have a mental illness like depression. Those are adult problems

Myth #10: Everyone gets depressed as they grow older. It’s just part of the aging process.

Myth #11 People can recover from depression or anxiety disorders with drugs alone;

Myth #12 When the mentally ill attempt suicide, it is a cry for help/attention.

Myth #13 Different races are more prone to mental illness.

Myth #14 You’re just sad, not depressed.

Myth #15 Myth: If you feel better, you are cured.

Myth #16 You're either mentally ill or mentally healthy.

Myth #17 You can't prevent mental health problems.