Interviews with WGrates and LucidFoxx

Hi There!

Yes! These two streamers are awesome! And also, the reason I decided to try out twitch as a platform to speak to people directly about mental health issues around the world.

WGrates has created a persona of a "doge" or Shiba Inu dog that he electronically superimposes over his face which entertains people while he plays video games. He had never been out of character before this interview and he opened up a lot. He discussed being bullied as a child and why he started streaming.

During the last 45 mins his community very generously showered myself and my community with support. It was truly something every streamer starts out dreaming to receive.

LucidFoxx is a streamer who plays a variety of games but is known to be open about discussing his personal life and helping out viewers with "real talk" when they need it. His community affectionately refers to him as "dad" because of how supportive he is and the advice he offers. When we talked we touched on just about a little bit of everything: how our thoughts are just thoughts, how twitch can affect how we feel for the rest of the day after a stream and so much more.

Both of these guys have been a huge inspiration to me and it was an honor to speak to them about this issue so near and dear to my heart. I did this to further affirm the understanding that mental illness humbles all of us. Lots of fans, few fans, on the internet or in the real world, these invisible deceases can hurt anyone. We discuss these things to unite us against the monsters and the stigma. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did being part of them.

Much Love and Light,