How to Spot A Great Doctor, And Avoid The Bad Ones - Twitch Ep40

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As an add-on to my recent article, I wanted to go in depth and enjoy more of a chat about what others find to be good doctors. I shared my experiences as well as some from community members who offered their insight. It's hard to find a good specialist for any illness, but when it comes to mental health, we often give up if the first doctor isn't perfect. Since we don't do that if our foot is broken or if our vision is getting worse, it's not the best practice when it comes to MH either. 

The goal was for people to walk away able to identify a good doctor from their first appointment and the opposite.

As always we had a good laugh during the show and an in-depth chat on the topic and the references I used are listed below the video. Check out the Just The Facts cut if you only have a few minutes to spare, and don't miss you.

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Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad

Why Doctors Are Losing the Public’s Trust
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It Only Takes One Good Doctor: How To Avoid The Bad Ones
Marie Shanley