How To Discuss Your Mental Health With Others - Twitch Ep48

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I attempted to edit this video down as much as possible, but because the audience questions added a great deal of depth to the conversation, I kept most of it together and just shortened it to the important content.

Now, I wanted to jot some important points here which were emphasized in this episode to keep in mind if/when you are ready to start opening up about your mental health to others.

  • You are not obligated to tell anyone, but it helps to "strike when the iron is cold" if you know your condition will interfere with your work/relationship
  • When speaking at work, be sure to stick to the facts, be specific with your request and what you need to help reasonably accommodate you.
  • Be sure to read up on rights before you speak with your boss (link below)
  • Avoiding the conversation with a loved one might not be a great idea, especially if your illness is not common. Give them to tools to help you by preparing them ahead of time.
  • If someone reacts poorly, remember that there will be other people who will accept you for who you are and love you regardless, refocus your attention on finding them.

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Disclosing To Others

Learn your rights: 

Time To Talk: Tips For Talking About Your Mental Health – there is a starter letter here

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