Twitch S17 How To Support Loved Ones Who Have Mental Illnesses

I can't believe I got this dude on!

L is a close friend of mine and was an amazing guest this episode. He has spent most of his life being a great friend and support to those with mental illnesses. He grew up with loved ones who were suffering and had to learn a lot quickly, sometimes as the other person was still working to figure it out for themselves.

I got to ask him all the things I always worry about with my friends. To learn more about what it's like on the other side. He broke down all the myths: Are depressed people a burden? Are panic attacks annoying? Is it hard to help others? 

We didn't really refer to sources this episode since it was mostly about personal experiences. Also because of that, editing this was very hard. There wasn't a lot of fluff to cut out. Good problems, I think!

Thank you so much L for being so open and helpful and always being a great friend.

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P.S. It's a hard time of year folks, please be sure to #bethelight