Twitch S10 Handling Holiday Stress And Making LED Tealight Snowmen

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So glad to see you back!

We had a pretty relaxing topic this Sunday compared to those we've touched upon recently. Funny enough, it attracted the most trolls we've ever had. I've heard that means we're doing something right.

Anyway, that didn't stop my snowmen from shining. I am going to note this as my first nicely completed craft! If you want to try making one, check out the pin that inspired me.


My research was pretty easy, in that all the major mental health outlets (and then some) have some kind of advice on how to reduce and better handle holiday stress as the season is upon us.

Without further delay, check out these articles for yourself below. For a quick recap, however, the takeaways are:

  1. Set up a budget
  2. Talk to your kids about needs/wants (if you have them of course)
  3.  Set up a support network outside of your family
  4. Don't be afraid to step outside during a family get-together if you need to gather your thoughts
  5. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and relatives

Here Are the Sources Used for Reference:

I find that even though I love the holiday season, emotions and feelings can still get ahead of me sometimes. But I am trying to learn that that's ok. 

I'll be here if you need me!


P.S. For December, I am preparing a series of helpful things to be done to help manage holiday anxiety, hope to see you back for those!