Qualities That Make Up A Healthy Relationship - Twitch Ep 47

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Ever wonder what professionals think makes for a good relationship? Well, I dug through some information and found answers for us!

We discussed it in chat, learning through discussion and by taking a quiz together about our attachment styles. We were silly about it, but we also learned about what a "bid" is as we followed more of John Gottman's work to learn about what makes a relationship thrive. Whether romantic or platonic, the answer, of course, is 'kindness' and more...

For a quick bite, check the "Just The Facts" 10 min episode where I focus on 4 things that make up a healthy relationship based on all the information I looked through.

What to know what information that is? See the references used below. Then, let me know what you think! Would you add something? Remove something? Think something's not for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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