Does Running Help Your Mental Health - With a Return Guest

Hey guys,

Alright, I'm sure you've all seen the news articles about all the benefits of exercising regularly, including how great it is for your mental health. If not, you've probably at least heard me talk about how I enjoy yoga and do quick runs when I am frustrated.

But what if you run a marathon and then start feeling poorly? Well, that certainly goes against what we know. We had Erin back on the show to talk about her post-marathon experience and how she's getting back into a normal routine now that she's done.

In addition, for our craft, I got to try something I have always wanted to do - Kintsugi or "golden joinery": where you put back together cracked ceramics instead of throwing them out. This way, the pottery becomes a one-of-a-kind piece and is even reinforced with gold on its seams. Quite powerful symbology.

I realize there are a lot of noises in this video outside of our talking. Those are the sounds of claws against the floor from the two corgis who were running around having a great time beneath our feet. They do make a special appearance too, so I hope that cancels out the annoyance these sound issues may have caused.

See you next time,