Twitch S13 Is It Worth Taking Medication for Depression?

Hey Guys! 

We made it to episode 13 and passed it without a hitch, so I must be smooth sailing from here on out, right? If only. 

We finally breached the topic of medication and mental illness. We discussed the research surrounding the concept and the stigma and usual hesitation around it. The beautiful people in my chat did a phenomenal job in keeping the conversation going, so be sure to check out the full ep as well as the shortcut. I shared a few personal stories too, so let me know what you think and if your experience has been any different in the comments.

This subject also has a lot of speculation around it, as to how the research is usually funded. I tried to double check that my sources were not paid off by pharmaceutical companies with special interests, but if you catch an issue, definitely let me know.

As always, here are the sources I used, it's a big list:

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