What is Burnout? Mental Health Chat with NotSoSpeedRuns

Hello All!

I had another Sunday guest, Speedy of NotSoSpeedRuns and he was lovely. The conversation was focused on how to avoid burnout as a streamer/entertainer, which then evolved into talking about what we can do to take care of ourselves better in our daily routines.  

All of the sources below talk about what Burnout is, since it's a relatively new concept in psychology. It is yet to be classified as its own syndrome, due to how close to Depression it is in symptoms and lack of research.

If you don't have time to watch all of our shenanigans in the full video, check out the short version on FB or chat with me about it on Twitter.

Finally, be sure to check out Cast Together and Speedy if you're interested in becoming more involved with mental health efforts such as fundraising and support on Twitch.

And as always, don't forget to #bethelight



Depression: What is burnout?
Last Update: January 12, 2017; Next update: 2019.

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