Mental Health and the Asian American Experience, Discussion and Interview with @AninoXGaming - Twitch Ep34

Hello Everyone!

I am lucky to say I have now made some friends through both my advocacy work and our Twitch channel. Anino is one such friend and is near and dear to my heart. He's always keeping me on my toes with new perspectives, books and theories and this interview was no exception. 

Anino gave us a deeper look into the specific issues Asian Americans (yes, a very broad term) have to face when it comes to mental health. I truly value learning about this new perspective and hope you also find something new in it to take away for yourself.

Anino's intense story starts at the 20 min mark, and some facts are thrown at you at the 1h20m mark. 

Anino can be found doing charity streams for Extra Life and is otherwise ready for a chat on Twitter @AninoXGaming.

Check out the video and then the references below.

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