DISCLAIMER: None of these sites/apps pay me to have their information listed. These are resources I have found helpful before.
I cannot promise you that the resources below will make everything better. I cannot promise that you will find what you need or guarantee that they're good sites for you right now.

But it's a start.


To Write Love on Her Arms (non-profit)
TED (presentations and videos)
Take This (reducing mental health stigma in the gaming community)
Rise Above the Disorder (helping gamers find professional help)
Heart Support (online support)
Cast Together (Twitch community for mh streamers)
anxietyinteens.org (teens and college students with anxiety + depression)


American Psychiatric Association (they also have a directory of doctors)
American Psychological Association (Explaining therapy)
Anxiety and Depression Association of America
National Institute of Mental Health
Rise Above the Disorder
To Write Love on Her Arms


7 Cups (professionals and volunteers to talk to)
PTSD Coach (developed by U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs and the National Center for PTSD)
Woebot (CBT via Andriod or iOS app)


I hope to keep adding to these lists. Please help by sending me resources you have used and trust.

Ideas for what to do if your friend is not feeling well: This Mental Health First Aid article did a great job outlining some basics
Ideas for what NOT to do: my article on Medium


Ok, I guess I could see a doctor, but where do I start?

  • If you are still a student, check your school's website to see if there is a department that offers free counseling

  • Find out what your health insurance is and check their site for referrals

  • Use sites like ZocDoc to read reviews before you go; read this WebMD article on how to find a therapist

Ask around
Yes, you might be revealing something personal, but you also might bond with someone unexpectedly. Scary, yes? But when you consider this TEDTalk, where someone with depression describes how a woman confessed to him about having depression and keeping it a secret from her husband. The next day her husband came up to him and asked him to keep the same secret about himself.

What You Should Look For
I have put together a list, based on personal experiences I am hoping can help


“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

– Yoda